How Awesome: You + Us Equals Art with a Cause!

At Afriartistry, we’re all about art and community. Art is beautiful in every way, and what’s greater than spreading more beauty around using art? Well maybe there are greater things, like Christmas (we digress). As we launched around the start of this festive holiday, we thought to ourselves, what can we initiate that will carry forward this festive spirit forever? We thought long and came up with this fun idea!

With every order on the website, a dollar is automatically kept aside for Charity and at the end of each month, the customers that had a paid order that month will receive a newsletter poll to vote for registered Charities in the Country of the artist whose art sold the most that month. Each Charity selected for the poll will represent a particular cause (like childcare, clean water etc) and the most voted Charity will receive the funds set aside for that month.

To make sure you feel the full joy of your participation, we will request and send to you a special thank you note from the ‘winning’ Charity. And there you have it, you don’t just discover art at Afriartistry, you can change a life one artwork at a time. This is a monthly activity and we hope you continue to participate, if you have any feedback or concerns, please email us at Stay awesome!

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