Our artists are our pride! They are the blessed creatives and we can do no less than to applaud their talent. At Afriartistry, we ensure fair trade by paying our artists for their paintings at prices they set, so they are never exploited. Along with the free global exposure through our website and social pages, we keep in touch with our artists and support them on their creative journey as much as we can. Our African heritage also helps in our communication and dealings with our artists, as we all have a common goal to promote our culture.

We do all of this while also ensuring loyalty to you, our customers! We’re committed to providing you stress-free, professional and speedy customer service as well as a secure payment process, while ensuring that only the best artworks at the best pricing are offered to you. Your patronage is doing great things, supporting the families of African artists while gifting or owning a true piece of Africa in your home! Not only that, your purchases also gift to African charities, thus bettering the quality of life for so many!

We can’t thank you enough for your support, and our artists are so excited about our platform and the impact we all make together for Africa and the world! So without further ado, here’s some of our artists below. You can click on each bio image to view their available works on Afriartistry. The link icons lead to the artists’ stories if available or their works if not. Enjoy!


Aderinoye Oyekunle

A lover of mixed media and Araism, Aderinoye’s works explore West African culture and daily life. The colours in his paintings are often vibrant, adding intrigue to his art.


Lively Xoxa (Zoza) Icha, whose brand name is Asah-Bara, creates remarkable African inspired mugs, hand painted and embellished with cowries and other decorative details.

Chigozie Okoye

With acrylic on canvas, Chigozie uses vivid colour to explore diverse themes and styles in his art. He has mastered the art of painting, as well as, drawing with graphite and ball pens.

Chike Emembo

Chike has been painting for over a decade and exhibited his works in France and Switzerland in 2016. He is often inspired by the literal and abstract pursuit of light in his captivating artworks.


With over two decades of experience in the art world, Eyerinkomi has created a vast collection of paintings and wall assemblages which make the viewer stop to appreciate or think.

Ifafore Ayobami

Ayobami, whose art name is Jimsarts loves to draw and paint with a motif style. His strength lies in the abstract, although he also practices photography and portrait art.